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Top lawyers in United States are listed as per the question & answer program by pathlegal. The rank of these legal experts are based on the customer rating given on the online answers provided by the lawyers. Each answer has an option where client can choose "like", accordingly whoever score more "like" would appear in the top rank list.

Advocate SHAVI

corporate law, mergers & acquisitions ,intellectual property law, real estate law

Advocate Weiser Law Firm

criminal lawyer

Advocate Merry M. Fountain

personal injury attorney

Advocate Antonio Garguile

traffic law and dui defense

Advocate The Law Offices of John W. Tumelty

major felony crimes, including murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, aggravated sexual assault, a

Advocate Donald Knapp

personal injury

Advocate Steadman Shealy

personal injury

Advocate Farhan Naqvi

personal injury attorney

Advocate Stephen Levine

criminal defense attorney

Advocate Steve Gursten

personal injury lawyer, truck accident lawyer, truck accidents

Advocate Paul J. Tafelski, P.C.

criminal defense, white collar crimes, dui & child endangerment, second dui conviction drug possessi

Advocate Peter M. Cordovano

workers\' compensation, personal injury, criminal defense

Advocate Hampton Injury Law PLC

personal injury law, workers compensation, automobile accidents

Advocate George Martin

personal injury

Advocate Steve Aarons

criminal defense lawyer

Advocate Van Den Heuvel Law Office

family law, bankruptcy, business contracts & negotiations, criminal law, real estate

Advocate Beth Tibbott

criminal defense, dui, family law

Advocate Hamparyan Injury Lawyers

auto accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, brain injuries, car accidents, construction ac

Advocate Bruce Ingerman and Alan Horwitz

personal injury attorney

Advocate Ashley Scarpone

workers compensation

Advocate Ilya Lerma

personal injury, dram shop cases, medical malpractice

Advocate Lisa Garcia

legal recruiter, litigation, corporate law

Advocate Techmeier Law Firm

car, truck, motorcycle accident claims, accidents at work law, product liability law

Advocate Eric Levitt

chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt relief lawyer

Advocate Doug Zanes

personal injury

Advocate Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

legal service, divorce mediator, divorce service, uncontested divorce, oklahoma divorce

Advocate Bethany L. Notaro, Esquire

divorce lawyer, divorce service

Advocate Daniel Printz

estate planning, probate, wills

Advocate Edwin Saginar

civil litigation, criminal defense, family law

Advocate Jeff Kravitz

administrative law, licensing, constitutional, intellectual property law, litigation

Advocate Marc Shea

business law

Advocate David Lipcon

personal injury

Advocate Jason Matalas

divorce and family law. bankruptcy law

Advocate Alex Berman

workers compensation

Advocate James M. Harrington

personal injury attorney

Advocate Randy Lewis

criminal defense, personal injury, workers\' compensation, dui/dwi, drug crimes

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