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Top lawyers in United States are listed as per the question & answer program by pathlegal. The rank of these legal experts are based on the customer rating given on the online answers provided by the lawyers. Each answer has an option where client can choose "like", accordingly whoever score more "like" would appear in the top rank list.

Advocate Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg  

criminal justice attorney, dallas dwi lawyer

Advocate Gary Nitzkin

credit repair

Advocate Roland Swanson

family and divorce law

Advocate David Blackwell Law

personal injury,car accidents, premises liability, wrongful death

Advocate The Vaughn Law Firm, LLC

federal employment lawyer

Advocate Laura Gillis

family law, divorce, child custody

Advocate Michael S. Krieger LLC, Denver Social Security Disability Lawyer

social security attorney, social security lawyer, disability lawyer, disability attorney, social sec

Advocate Timothy Tobin

personal injury lawyer

Advocate Freeburn Hamilton

personal injury lawyers

Advocate Lu Aloupas

family law and criminal law

Advocate Jonathan Garza

personal injury

Advocate Roberto Sacasa

car accident, dog bite, slip and fall, workers compensation, truck accident, motorcycle accident, in

Advocate Matthew Menzer

personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, estate litigation

Advocate Gregory Hannon

railroad law, mediation, catastrophic injuries and head & brain injuries.

Advocate Jamen Lachs Law

lawyer, trial attorney

Advocate Jacob George

executive compensation disputes

Advocate Wisner Law Firm

aviation law

Advocate Bill Cashen

probate and estate administration shelby township mi, real estate law / business law and litigation

Advocate HowardCraigKornberg

personal injury, car accident, motor vehicle accident

Advocate SOS Restoration

water damages restoration, mold damages restoration, fire damages restoration, damages in hard to re

Advocate James Newman

personal injury, auto accident, medical malpractice

Advocate Timothy J. Manchin

personal injury law

Advocate Susan Red

criminal defense

Advocate Sean K. Claggett

persona injury

Advocate Richard Koch

personal injury & wrongful death

Advocate Robert Corey Heit

personal injury

Advocate Roop Law Firm

divorce, family law

Advocate Ed Murphy

st. joseph family law attorneys, st. joseph divorce attorneys

Advocate Patrick Toscano

personal injury, car accidents

Advocate Mark Cressman

personal injury, wrongful death, slip and fall, car accident

Advocate Simpson Law Group

personal injury, auto accident, business law

Advocate Cassandra Savoy

divorce and separation, mediation, child custody

Advocate Steven Wittekiend

family law, criminal defense, civil law

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