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Disabled, Displaced be and Distressed- please help Human Rights 11 Dec 2017

I am uncertain what to do or how to go about asking a judge to help me with an order to the DMV to force them to accept my payment for vehicle registration...


CareProvider seeks help for deserving displaced Disabled victim of fir ANY 7 Dec 2017

Long term Care Provider trying to assist very deserving but very disabled individual who has been severely abused & taken advantage of by the system. He...


Child custody, dv on both parties, wife never called police Family 20 Nov 2017

Hi my husband filed for divorce and filed for sole custody. At mediation he's offering joint custody. We've been together 8 years married 1.5. 6 years...


What the law for a repo of a house Property 11 Nov 2017

What the law on a repo house I been living at this address for about 4 month with out light and gas what can the owner do with out if I have not pay...


Difference between Animal Abandonment and Animal Surrender at an anima Criminal 10 Nov 2017

What is the diffetence between taking an animal to a shelter to give it up and abandoning an animal at the shelter?


Drug related charges Criminal 3 Nov 2017

My brother is in jail for drug realted charges. He has been in and out of jail/prison most of his life and not once have they offered drug rehabilitation...


Looking for real estate attorney Property 3 Nov 2017

Looking for a real estate attorney in IL GA, and MI for my some contracts. Can anyone refer someone? Thanks


Federal vs state rules on guns Criminal 29 Oct 2017

I need help with a felon in possession of a firearm charge that happened in a national Forest


Failed pre-employment hair analysis drug test. Not user Constitution 27 Oct 2017

Failed pre-order employment drug haie analysis test. Never did any drugs in life. I believe it was related to hair products , vitamin supps and faulty...


A Father That Never Was over our countrys public corruption International Law 23 Oct 2017

In 2014 Was blackmailed/extorted, by a Utah Juvenile Judge. Two Daughters & Son Jr. We're placed in state's custody, then adopted or traded out for $250,000...


Threat to defame me on social networking sites International Law 21 Sep 2017

Im being blackmailed....the person is blackmailing me either to give her money or she will defame me on social networking site...can any lawyer suggest...


New Orleans Criminal Lawyer International Law 14 Sep 2017

Are you looking for criminal lawyer? We are New Orleans based law firm which provide criminal defense lawyer with experience who will fight for your...


Wrong termination of service International Law 2 Sep 2017

I am working for last 3 years with this new recently listed company and for 11 years with the parent company. I am told to resign at 1 day notice and...


Urgent divorce needed please give me suggestions Maritime law 25 Jul 2017

Hello , I need your help here . Now I am in USA . I am a H4 visa holder & My husband is in H1 visa . We have a daughter of 4.5 years old . We have been...

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About child cutodial Family 25 Jul 2017

Dear Sir, I am writing this query for my brother. His wife and son(2 yr) went to her house for some days stay but never came back after that. There...


My trustees are not paying bills, and refusing me information on my tr Family 22 Jul 2017

I am disabled. Beneficiary of a trust fund. Siblings are trustee siblings best friend is attorney but not who drew the trust up. Parents always provided...


need help provong neural monitoring!! Criminal 19 Jul 2017

Need help with gang stalkers neural monitoring without my permission for over 11mnths


Please help Im being hacked and blackmailed ANY 29 Jun 2017

I'm being hacked now for over a year. And, theyre blackmailing me by recording everything I do & say. I've changed my cell number, bought new phones,...


Please help - Im being hacked for over a year now. ANY 29 Jun 2017

I've been hacked for a year now. There are so many incidents, I've given up keeping track. They have taken over my phone(my 3rd or 4th phone now. I...


Attorney registration in Comoros Intellectual Property 26 Jun 2017

I hold a JD in law from USA , also LLM in Intellectual Property Law; how do I register as a lawyer to do work in Comoros. please email me your leads. email:...

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